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  • Drum tracks rewritten

    2. August 2009
    All of the drum tracks have been totaly rewritten, thanks to the drummer Oybl. Now the drums have a natural, organic, dynamic feeling.
  • Site officialy launched

    22. April 2009
    Today, this web site has been officialy launched.
  • Smargroth joined forces with Ulverbite!!

    3. April 2009
    Smargroth is proud to announce that he joined forces with Ulverbite! The famous underground artist not only invested his magical skills in envisioning this website but also joined the band as a session bass guitarist to perform at live shows! You can check his myspace profile here.

    All hail Ulverbite, all hail Smargroth!!
  • Completed recording of the album

    4. February 2009
    Smargroth has completed recording the album "The Arrival of Necrotronian". Now it is just waiting to be published.
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